Sunday, March 13, 2011

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Street Children in Mbale
Elgon Youth Development centre formally Elgon Youth Brass Band, is a Community based organization located in Mbale District, Eastern Uganda, the project started in 2009 as a result of the appalling poverty situation in the community that had led to a rise in crime rates, street children, early pregnancies and early marriages leave alone dropping out of school by many children and youth. Lack of employment, death or separation of parents, lack of school fees and other scholastic materials, drug and forms of child abuse have been responsible for the increased number of unemployed and street children. Founders of the organization discovered that providing the affected and vulnerable children and youth with a means of survival and keeping them busy can help in reducing the impact of this situation on the community.
Members decided to form the organization as a means of reaching vulnerable youth and children who would in turn support the community and the society at large.  The organization has recruited beneficiaries aged 5-25 from the community and surrounding communities but mainly children living on streets. The primary beneficiaries are expected to help themselves and later their siblings and the community.In the short time of its existence, the organization has impressed the community as the children who have benefited from its programmes have been seen as useful to the community.  The aim is to give vulnerable children the chance to learn skills that would offer them a route out of poverty, lifting them off the streets and away from the risks of drug culture, violence and crime.The proceeds from individual and group efforts will be used for meeting scholastic costs, meeting personal and basic family needs and saving for the future.  From the beginning of the organization the children have been performing in the community at functions like weddings, public functions like independence days, political rallies and charity moves. The community has been so supportive and always invite the children to perform. The organization came up in existence with 45 beneficiaries who got involved in music. As time went on other needy youth and children were identified after showing their interest in the project.Currently the project has a total of 100 beneficiaries aged 9-25 years most of whom are former street children with some orphans and children coming from disadvantaged families in the neighboring slums. Given the ever increasing numbers of street children and other disadvantaged children, Management of EYDC is seeking for ways of supporting children holistically with the hope that those being supported will in turn support others who fall in their category

For More information on how to help, Please contact the Project Director;

Kyewalyanga Fredrick
or Call:+256(0)774 697 395

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